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The Montana Repeater Link Association (MRLA) is a ‘full time’ linked repeater system on 2 meters, linked on 70 cm and via Echolink. The Association consists of the owner / operators of the repeaters, who maintain, control and direct the operation of the system. Its purpose is to tie together the Major cities in the state and cover the Interstate Highways. To provide communications for General conversation, weather or road information and emergency traffic as needed. Nets maybe included in the future.

Its present coverage is from East of Billings along I-90 to Butte, North through Townsend & Helena to Great Falls with “Highline” coverage from Cut Bank to Havre. Via Echolink it includes the areas of Kalispell and Eureka. See the map for exact repeater locations and frequencies. MRLA also has the ability to tie to the Intermountain intertie, giving coverage into Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. This link is ‘user’ activated as desired, not full time. Future growth is toward the Eastern side of the state and the Missoula area. This will happen as funds, other owner / operators and locations become available. MRLA is a 501c3 organization, therefore donation are tax deductible. Recommended annual donations of $35.00 can be sent to: Jim Fuller (N7VR) 527 Yellowstone Ave. Billings, MT 59101. Donations in the form of equipment and ‘help’ will always be gratefully accepted.

As with any ‘large’ system, always key-up for a second before talking, wait for the ‘courtesy’ tone before replying, to allow for others to join and finally ask often if others need to use the system. If at any time there is a question on any matter, just enquire if a control operator is available.

On February 21, 2016, Ric Helvy (KB7KB), President of MRLA, was involved in an auto accident. As a result he became a silent key.
On March 19, 2016, Montana Repeater Link Association (MRLA) repeater owners/Directors had a meeting. They Elected new officers as required by the ByLaws.
Allan Overcast (KF7FW) was elected President. Allan had been serving as Vice President.
Lyndel Thiesen (N7LT) was elected Vice Preident to replace Allan.
Jim Fuller (N7VR) will continue as Secretary/Treasuer. Jim will, also, serve as the Trustee for the WR7MT call sign for MRLA.

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